Figure 1   A 200 turn coil is wrapped around a ferromagnetic core.

Table 1 contains voltage and current readings for the inductor in Figure 1.

University Physics
Electromagnetic Lab

Lab 6 Faraday's Law Exercise

The 60 Hz sinusoidal voltages contained in Table 1 were applied to the inductor shown in Figure 1.

Recall for an inductor,




The ratio of the voltage amplitude to the current amplitude is,
where the inductance, L is,
where is the permeability of the core material, N is the number of turns, A is the cross-sectional area of the core, and l is the length of the flux path.
  1. Plot the voltage as a function of current.

  2. Given that the frequency is 60 Hz, calculate the inductance for each current and voltage pair.

  3. Why does the inductance decrease at higher currents?