The Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Jim Daly
September 24, 2020

Mary's life was difficult. She agreed to carry a cross when she said at the Annunciation, "Be it done unto me according to your word."

  1. The prophecy of Simeon
    Mary and Joseph bring the infant Jesus to the temple. They are met by an old man, Simeon, who predicts that Mary will suffer. A sword will pierce her heart.

  2. The Flight to Egypt
    An angel told Joseph that they were in danger and should flee to Egypt. They became refugees in a foreign land, to avoid terror in their homeland.

  3. Loss of Child Jesus for 3 days
    Any mother panics when she realizes her child is lost. The boy Jesus was Mary's responsibility. He was missing. They searched for 3 days before He was found. When they found Him Mary said,
    "Why have you done this to us? Behold your father and I have sought you sorrowing." And He said to them: "Why were you looking for me? Don't you know I must be about my Father's business." And they understood not the word that he spoke to them." Luke 2:48-50
    It was not easy to be parents of Jesus.

  4. Witnessing Jesus carry his Cross
    Jesus was the child she had raised and cared for. Now he was suffering and on His way to a difficult death.

  5. The Crucifixion of Jesus
    Mary stands at the foot of the cross watching her son, Jesus, die.
    He said to his mother: "Woman behold your son." After that he said to the disciple: "Behold your mother", And after that hour the disciple took her to his own. John 19:26-27
    One of the tough things about dying is leaving loved ones who depend on you. Jesus knew His mother needed support. He asked John to take care of her. John represents us. Jesus asks us to be devoted to Mary.

  6. Taking Jesus Down from the Cross
    Mary receives the dead body of her child. Struck down in his prime.

  7. The Burial of Jesus
    Although Mary was confident of His resurrection, placing Him in the tomb was difficult.
At the Cross her station keeping,
stood the mournful Mother weeping,
close to her son to the last.