Love Your Neighbor

Jim Daly
January 9, 2020

"Whatever you do to the least of my brothers this you do to me."
These are the words we will hear when we are judged. Love of neighbor, this is what God commands. This is what the Legion of Mary is about.

Mary is our model. We have to see Jesus in the people we meet and to serve them as Mary serves Jesus.

The Legion of Mary goes to strangers and welcomes them. It goes to the lonely, isolated people in nursing homes and befriends them.

The Church is in decline in Europe and the United States. In Europe there are more practicing Moslems than there are practicing Catholics. The largest religious group in the US is former Catholics. Many people have become practicing Catholics after having been invited and welcomed by The Legion of Mary.

The Legion of Mary is about outreach. It seeks to obey Jesus when He says, "Go out to all people."