Don't be Judgmental

Jim Daly
Handbook Ch. 39, No. 21 May 22, 2023

The handbook says that the Legionary must not sit in judgment.

The bible strongly discourages judging people. In Matthew Ch 7, Jesus says;

"Judge not that you may not be judged"
He says the measure you use will be used to measure you.

The handbook also discourages judging people, It says we never know the whole story. We can't read peoples souls.

Judging is not good. It is not necessary. It has a negative impact on our work.

When we make a judgment, it changes our attitude about the person. It puts up a barrier between us and the person. Judging makes it harder to love. It stifles the relationship we need to establish to bring a person closer to God. You are not going to be successful if you look down on people.

To be successful in bringing people back to the Church, we should hate and never condone evil acts. But we should love the people.