Outlook on Adverse Criticism

Jim Daly
Handbook Ch. 39 No.22
August 31, 2017

The Legion of Mary will not be accepted by everyone. If we are doing our work correctly we will be challenging people. We contact people to help them improve their lives. We ask them to say the rosary, or to come to a meeting, or have the Pilgrim Statue in their home. We encourage people to return to the sacraments, approaching people at all times with humility and love.

We make some uncomfortable. Not everyone appreciates what we are doing.

In John chapter 15 Jesus says,

"If you find that the world hates you know that it has hated me before you. If you belonged to the world it would love you as its own; the reason it hates you is that you do not belong to the world. But I chose you out of the world. "
We should not be overly concerned about criticism provided it is not due to defective methods on our part.

We should also keep in mind the quote on page 301 of the handbook;

"Men are conquered only by love and kindness, by quiet discreet example which does not humiliate them and does not constrain them to give in. They dislike to be attacked by the man who has no other idea but to overcome them." (Giosue Borsi)
Or a quote from Saint Ignatius of Loyola,
"They who are engaged with the salvation of their neighbor, will gain more by a humble modesty than by an authoritative manner, and will gain victory sooner in retreat than in combat"
Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.