Auxiliary Membership

Jim Daly
Handbook Ch. 16, No. 2
August 29, 2019

Legion of Mary Auxiliary membership requires the daily recitation of the Tessera prayers, including five decades of the Rosary. Prayers are offered in honor of Our Blessed Mother. They are not offered for the Legion. Someone already saying the Rosary does not have to say an additional Rosary, they just add to their intentions the intentions of our Blessed Mother.

Prayers and petitions passed through Mary gain merit and value. They are valuable to the Legion and to the Auxiliaries themselves.

Auxiliaries share in all the prayers and works of the Legion.

People who have lost heart find a new interest in life by becoming Auxiliaries. They realize their importance to the Church. They know we are depending on them for our success. I have been asked for a new Tessera to replace the tattered one received years ago. Many Auxiliaries list membership in the Legion of Mary in their obituaries.

There is an implied compliment when we ask someone to be an Auxiliary.

Having members of other societies as Auxiliaries fosters integration and unity without interfering with the work of these groups.

Non-Catholics can not be Auxiliaries, but they should be encouraged to pray the Rosary and Tessera prayers.

Auxiliaries should be informed of the local and worldwide works of the Legion.

Auxiliaries can participate in the Acies.

An army of souls praying the Rosary every day elevates our Legion, our parish, the Church, and our country. We need our Auxiliaries.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.