The Actual Work at Hand

Jim Daly
Handbook Ch 12, No. 1
January 16, 2020

The principle aim of the Legion is not the doing of a particular work, but rather the sanctification of its members. The work increases our sanctification by molding us into apostles. We learn a spirit of apostleship by doing the work. The work is a vehicle for our sanctification. The spirit of apostleship is developed at the weekly meeting and by doing the work.

The work is governed by the meeting. The praesidium assigns the work. It listens to reports to ensure it is carried out properly. The work is done in pairs. This helps to ensure that is properly carried out. If a Legionary misrepresents the Church's teaching, their partner hears and can help correct any error.

It is important that the work not be trivial, but be a challenge.

Challenging apostolic work, done in accordance with the Legion system, enhances our spirit of apostleship and increases our sanctification.

The way to increase our faith, hope and love is to give them to others. The more we give the more we will have.