Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort

Jim Daly
October 22, 2020

Ch 24   No. 3

Born: January 31, 1673
Montfort-sur-Meu, France

Died: April 28, 1716 (aged 43)

Beatified: 1888 by Pope Leo XIII
Canonized: 1947 by Pope Pius XII
Feast: April 28

He was the oldest child of a large family. He lived on his father's farm. At the age of 12 he entered the Jesuit College of St. Thomas Becket in Rennes.

He felt he had a vocation but did not have enough money to attend the Seminary of Saint-Sulpice. Instead he attended the Sorbonne University. He lived in poor conditions and became ill. After his recovery, he found that a place had been reserved for him at the Seminary of Saint-Sulpice, where he was appointed the librarian.

He was ordained in 1700. He felt he was called to "preach missions to the poor". Five months after his ordination he joined the Third Order of the Dominicans.

People tried to silence him. Pope Clement XI gave him the title of Apostolic Missionary. This allowed him to continue his apostolate.

He was a gifted speaker. He traveled throughout western Europe on foot giving missions. He attracted thousands. He was poisoned once. He survived but it affected his health.

He established schools for poor boys and girls. His followers formed the religious order, the Daughters of Wisdom, for the teaching of children and the care of the poor.

He was 43 years old when he died in 1716. He was a priest for only 16 years. Thousands gathered for his funeral, with stories of miracles at his tomb.

Four popes were influenced by his Marian theology (Pope Leo XIII, Pope Pius X, Pope Pius XII and Pope John Paul II), he is a candidate to become a Doctor of the Church. His book True Devotion to Mary has been considered one the most influential Marian books.

The spirit of the Legion is based on his writings. The founders of the Legion were studying his works when they came up with the idea of the Legion of Mary. 300 years ago, in his book, "True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary", he called for the establishment of an organization like the Legion of Mary. We have adopted his idea of total consecration to Mary. "I am all yours my Queen and my Mother and all that I have is Yours".

Saint Louis-Marie de Monfort pray for us.