Secret Bag

Jim Daly
Handbook Ch 18, No. 13
February 20, 2020

The Secret Bag provides for the financial needs of the Legion of Mary. These needs are minimal. The Legion does not pay any salaries. Except for a few shelters, it does not own buildings. The financial needs of the Legion are easily met by the secret bag.

At the weekly meeting of each Praesidium, the secret bag is passed. Each person puts their hand into the bag. No one knows how much each person puts in the bag. It is secret.

The money is used first to cover the expenses of the Praesidium. Usually there is a surplus that is passed on to higher councils that use the money for evangelization. They support Envoys to difficult and dangerous places where the Catholic faith is not known or understood.

The main support members give to the Legion is not financial. It is spiritual. It is the time, energy, and prayer that is required to have a successful Legion of Mary.