An Intensely Ordered System

Jim Daly
Handbook Ch11, No. 2
May 16, 2019

The handbook talks about Legion organization and discipline. Organization and discipline are required to accomplish great things. We see this in secular life. In order to produce a product or offer a service, people are organized into companies. Great construction projects, communication systems like the internet are produced by people working together in a structured environment.

The individual accepts the company culture and discipline as a condition of employment. If you work for McDonalds, you do it the McDonald's way.

In order for the Legion to accomplish its mission, it is highly structured and disciplined, as are other successful organizations. Legion structure makes it easy for Legionaries to succesfuly obey Christ's command to evangelize.

In the army they say, "There is a right way, a wrong way and the army way". Soldiers accept army discipline and do it the army way. So it is with the Legion. We accept Legion discipline and do it the Legion way.