Legion Training - Master and Apprentice

Jim Daly
Handbook Ch. 10 No. 7
February 8, 2018

In the handbook a Legionary says to a prospective member, "Come along and do this work with me."

This is just as Jesus said, "Come follow me."

What training is required?

What are we doing but bringing Jesus to people. Our tool for evangelization is love. The Legion method, as stated in the standing instruction, is to treat people as if they are Jesus, and we are Mary His mother.

As it is said in the Handbook, the Legion does not use a system of lectures to train its members. The training required is obtained by doing, by observing experienced Legionaries and from the meeting and the handbook.

This is the training method that has been used by the Legion of Mary throughout the world for almost 100 years. It has proven to be effective.

Legionaries learn by doing. They learn by working in pairs with experienced Legionaries. Legionaries learn to speak to people about sensitive topics in sometimes difficult situations. Over time Legionaries become expert in dealing with people and bring them closer to Jesus.

Servant of God Frank Duff, pray for us.