Saint John the Baptist, Saint Peter, and Saint Paul

Jim Daly
Handbook Ch. 24 No. 7-9
November 2, 2017

Three saints are invoked in the closing prayers
  • Saint John the Baptist
  • Saint Peter, and
  • Saint Paul
Saint John the Baptist is a model for Legionaries. He introduced people to Jesus. He prepared them to accept Christ. We follow in his footsteps. Although he was not yet born, he responded to Mary when she visited her cousin Elizabeth. We can count on Saint John the Baptist to assist us when we try to introduce people to Jesus.

Saint Peter is the prince of the apostles. It is appropriate for an apostolic organization like the Legion of Mary to ask for his prayers. By invoking Saint Peter in the Legionary prayers we express our loyalty to the Pope.

Saint Paul's mission was to convert the world. We follow in his footsteps. He appreciates our work and understands our difficulties. We can count on him.

Saint John the Baptist, Saints Peter, and Paul, pray for us.