In High Enterprise for God

Jim Daly
Handbook Ch 12., No. 4
April 25, 2019

The handbook in Chapter 12, No. 4, speaks of secularism being in conflict with religion.

Powerful forces try to undermining religion and pass restrictive laws. This is in direct opposition to the Legion that works to bring Jesus to every person.

What can we, such a small group do? How can we succeed?

Our approach is to express our love for individuals by being of service to them. We encourage religious practices like Mass attendance and saying the Rosary.

As St. John Vianney said,

"The world belongs to him who loves it most, and who proves that love."
We are the Church militant, fighting the forces of evil. The fight is for people's souls. Each soul is precious in the eyes of God. Our weapon is love. Our approach is to bring each person we work for, closer to God.

Although formidable forces oppose us, the victory of Jesus over evil has already been won. We will be victorious.