Duty towards Mary

Jim Daly
Handbook Ch. 5 No. 6
June 13, 2022

There is found in all the great armies of history a passionate devotion to their leader. Soldiers have an intense union with their leader which makes sacrifices easier. Their leader is their inspiration. They are one with him.

Mary is the leader of our army. She has a sway over the life of every Christian soul. She is Mother of Divine Grace, Mediatrix of all Grace. Her union with us is that of a mother and child. Our union with her is an incredible source of power.

We can strengthen our union with her with frequent consecrations, “I am all Yours my Queen and My Mother and all that I have is Yours”. Just as Mary was at Calvary, she is at every Mass. We should unite ourselves to her at Mass. At Holy Communion we receive Jesus into our body as Mary received our Lord into her's. During Adoration and when we pray the Rosary, and other devotions we should seek to identify with Mary. Talk to Jesus as Mary talks to Him.

By imitating her and bringing some thought of her into every prayer and work, we will become one with her. We will become living copies of Mary. When we do our work the person of our Lord will be seen as being served by Mary his mother.