Should We Seek Conversions?

Jim Daly
January 11, 2021

Are we asked to seek conversions?

Jesus commands, "Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit". Matthew 28:12

Recent Popes and Bishops, Vatical II documents, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and Canon Law all urge Catholics to evangelize.

Since the time of Christ missionaries have gone out to spread the faith. They made great sacrifices. Many were martyred. The Litany of Missionaries reminds us of the saints that gave their lives to spread the faith in all the regions of the world.

In recent years zeal for conversions has almost dissappeared. It has been replaced by the view that the Catholic faith is just one of many valid religions and that people of other faiths or people of no faith can find God in their own way. This is a false ecumenism. It denies the truth. If the Catholic Church is not special, there is no compelling reason for it to exist. If the Catholic Church is not special, major portions of the Bible are not true. If the Catholic Church is not special, it follows that the Church's teaching is not reliable and need not be followed.

In the AUG SEPT OCT 2017 issue of Maria Legionis Frank Duff talks about upgrading Legion work. He says that conversion is the work of works.

He quotes an important church leader,

"For some people God's message is most clearly conveyed through the community known as the Catholic Church; to others through some Protestant denomination; to others again through some non-Christian worshipping community."
Frank Duff goes on to say that some religions permit their members to hold tenets utterly alien to Catholic belief and morality.

Holding that the Catholic Church is not special but is just one of many is false ecumenism. It is a cancer that is killing the Church. Attendance is down. People are not following the Church's teaching. If the Church is not special why bother.

You have to have faith to seek conversions. In seekng conversions the Legion of Mary obeys Jesus and makes a strong statement that the Catholic Church was founded by Christ and is the one sure way to salvation.