Since its first meeting 99 years ago on September 7, 1921, in Dublin Ireland, the Legion of Mary has grown to a world wide organization with over 10 million members in more than 170 countries. Loyalty to the Magisterium and to Ecclesiastical Authority is a basic legionary principle. The Legion is about evangelization. It seeks to obey Jesus when He says in Mark 16:15,
"Go into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature"
Legionary service is based on the doctrine of the Mystical Body of Christ so that in their fellow members and in those they serve, legionaries seek to have the Person of our Lord once again seen and served by Mary, his Mother.
"What ever you do to the least of my brothers, this you do to me."
The Legion of Mary is about service to others.

Over 10 thousand members have been martyred.

Ave Maria Curia consists of nine Praesidia from Collier and Hendry counties.

Ave Maria Parish Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Praesidium meets every Thursday at 7:00 PM in the Parish Offices. You are invited. Come in the back door.