Phys 497 Undergraduate Research


Instructor: Dr. James Caffrey Daly
Office: Henkels Academic Bldg 2059
Tel: 401-742-5759(cell) 239-867-4072(home)
Office Hours: By appointment (Send email)
Email:   (email read often)

Description and Objectives: The research involves the use of microcontrollers to control the energy delivered to devices such as LEDs and motors. Microcontrollers are the brains of modern smart devices and systems, from washing machines and cars to medical devices and instrumentation.

Students work on a specific project to develop a microcontroller system.

Outcomes   After taking this course you will be able to;

  1. Write programs in the C language.
  2. Program microprocessors.
  3. Design electric circuits.
  4. Design experiments to test circuit performance.
  5. Write documentation for software and hardware.

Assessment and Evaluation:

Grades are based on the weekly meetings with the professor (50%) and a final written report and presentation (50%).

We are happy to accommodate students with disabilities (Contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester.).

Everyone's behavior is expected to be exemplary and, at a minimum, in conformity with the Honor Code.

The instructor reserves the right to change or modify this course and the syllabus for justifiable reasons, subject to appropriate and timely notice to the students enrolled in this class.

We thank VSquare/R LLC for providing the funding that allows us to offer this course.