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PHYS 415 Electronics Lab

Instructor: J. C. Daly, ACAD Adjunct Suite, 401-742-5759(Cell), 239-867-4072(Home), Office Hours : 10:45-11:45 MWF

In physics the truth of theories and assumptions is determined by physical measurements. In electronics lab measurements are taken to verify theories and designs.


We will simulate circuits using PSPICE. You can download PSPICE from and run it on your PC.

Report Format

We will have 6 labs, each taking 2 weeks. Students work in teams of 3. Your lab grade is based on reports and attendance. Report responsibility rotates. The first lab is written up by one team member, who receives the grade for the first lab. The second lab is written up by another team member who receives the grade for the second lab. Each student is responsible for writing up 2 labs. Lab meets from 4:40 to 5:40 pm Fridays.


  1. Network theorems
  2. Diode Clipping Circuits
  3. modeling bipolar transistors
  4. modeling MOS transistors
  5. bipolar amplifiers
  6. operational amplifiers