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Physis 350 Electricity and Magnetism

Your final grade will be determined by your performance on exams (50%), the final (40%) and homework (10%). We will have 6 exams. The lowest will be dropped. Each exam is worth 10%.
The conversion to letter grades will be approximately of the form:

over 90 —> A     80 - 90 —> B     70 - 80 —> C     50 - 60 —> D     below 50 —> F    
subject to discretionary adjustments.
It is possible (and highly desirable) that everyone in the class will be rewarded an "A". Mutual assistance is to everyone's advantage.
Please note: NOT writing the final will result in an automatic "F".

Each exam will consist of one or two questions similar to examples and homework discussed in class. In solving a problem, the steps that lead to your answer must be shown to receive proper credit. Without intermediate steps, an otherwise correct answer may receive no credit. You may bring an equation sheet of your own devising (hand written) to the exams and final. Prior permission is required to take an exam late. Notification after an exam will generally not be accepted (but may allow that particular test to be dropped in the computing of your final grade). To compensate for the advantage gained by taking an exam late, make-up exams may be more difficult than regularly scheduled exams.

Exam 1 2/4