The Meeting The Mainstay

Jim Daly
September 6, 2012
January 22, 2015
Ch 19   No. 22

The reading talks about impatience for visible results.

The Legion meeting is Mary's engine of war. We get grace and we are strengthened at the meeting. We need not worry if our work will be fruitful. Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort says,

"It is Mary alone who knows perfectly where lies the greatest glory of the Most High."
The main purpose of the Legion is the sanctification of its members. This is achieved by the doing of the work. In reaching out to others we grow in our faith.

None of our efforts are wasted. Even if you work all year and only bring 2 people back, we should remember that Jesus would have undergone His passion if only one soul was saved.

Jesus has already won the battle.

In doing our work we help Mary achieve the results she desires. Our success is assured.

Mary Queen of the Legion, pray for us.