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Department of Mathematics and Physics

Math 499 Directed Study (Numerical Analysis) (4 credits)
SYLLABUS Spring 2011

Instructor: Dr. James Caffrey Daly
  Office: Academic Building Rm. 2059
  Office Hours: MW 1-2:45pm, Thr 2:30-3pm. Other times by appointment. (Send email)
  Tel: 401-742-5759(cell) 239-867-4072(home)
  Email:   (email read often)

Text: On line tutorials
Meetings: TBA

Structure:   This is an independent study course. The student meets each week with Professor Daly. During the meetings Prof. Daly explains the material and answers any questions the student has with the work. Prior to the meeting the student reads and works on assignments.

Prerequisite: None   (Course level is adjusted to fit the student)

Catalog Description: Student-Faculty collaboration on research projects of mutual interest. Permission of the department required.

The objective of this course is to understand how numerical techniques are used in mathematics and physics. Topics include; evaluating integrals, plotting data, solving differential equations, evaluating model parameters from physical data, and finite element analysis.

Course Outcomes:

After taking this course you will;

Assessment and Evaluation:
There will be a series of programming assignments. Every two weeks the student will give a written report and make an oral presentation on the assigned work. Grades will be based on reports (40%), homework (20%), presentations (25%), and attendance 15%.


Week Topic
1. Introduction to excel
2. Relative and absolute cell addressing, plotting
3. Acceleration, velocity and position
4. Numerical Integration
5. Differential Equations
6. Interpreting experimental data
7. Laplaces Equation
Spring Break 3/5 - 3/13
8. Electromagnetic applications
9. Electromagnetic applications
10. Mechanical Applications
  Easter Break 4/21 - 4/25
11. Nonlinear Systems
12. Nonlinear Systems


Reports40% 3 reports each worth 13.3%
Presentations25% Presentations include class participation
Attendance15% Late for class counts as 1/2 absent

Work turned in late is marked down 20%.

We are happy to accommodate students with disabilities (Contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester.).

Everyone's behavior is expected to exemplary and, at a minimum, in conformity with the Honor Code.

The instructor reserves the right to change or modify this course and the syllabus for justifiable reasons, subject to appropriate and timely notice to the students enrolled in this class.